Using Netflix

When the TV is turned on, press the Home button


Use the left and right arrow keys, to navigate to the Netflix icon. Press OK to start Netflix


Mirroring/Casting Your Mobile Phone/Tablet

When the TV is turned on, press the Connections button





Select the Screen Share option by using the arrow keys and pressing OK.

Then, on your phone, select your Miracast, Screencast, Screen Mirror or Smart View function and select the “[LG] webOs TV UH610T” device that should show up in the list.


Listening via Home Theatre System

The home theatre system should automatically turn on and off when you turn the TV on and off using the TV remote. Adjust the home theatre volume with the TV remote volume.

If the home theatre system does not work correctly, try the following:

  • Make sure that is it turned on.
  • On the Home Theatre system remote, press the Input button [1] until the screen on the Home Theatre system says “TV”
  • Adjust the volume with the Home Theatre system remote. You may find it desirable to turn down the volume of the TV remote