Strictly before 10am on the day of departure. An additional fee may be charged if you do not check out by 10am as the property needs to be cleaned and available to the next guests as soon as possible.

Late departures are subject to availability. Please contact us at least one day prior to request a late check out.

To ensure that there are no claims against your security deposit, please be sure to leave the property in a tidy condition. Whilst our cleaners will thoroughly clean the property following your departure, excess cleaning and other costs will be claimed against your security deposit should the following check out guidelines not be adhered to:

  • Lock the lock box when returning the keys
  • Leave all keys/swipes/remotes as you found them i.e. one set (key + swipe) in the lock box and the rest on the key hanger inside the apartment. You can get out via the ground floor with a key/swipe.
  • If you have a car in the carpark you will need a swipe (you do not need a remote) to get the car out – then return it to the lock box.
    • The remote will not fit in the lockbox – it must be left in the apartment.
    • There is a swipe reader to the left of the exit garage door that opens the garage door (you do not need a remote to open it)
  • Place all rubbish in the rubbish chute outside the apartment in the hallway
  • Leave all used towels in the bathrooms
  • All dishes to be washed, dried and put away
  • Clean stove/oven, if used
  • Dispose of all food items in fridge and pantry (even if packaging is unopened) as Health and Safety Regulations prevent us from allowing these to be used by other guests
  • Switch off TV, sound system, air conditioning and all lights
  • Ensure all windows and doors are closed
  • Remove all guest property from premises
  • Lock the lock box when returning the keys

The following will incur claims against your security bond:

  • Breach of residential noise restrictions
  • Evidence of party/commercial use
  • Smoking
  • Pets
  • Failure to return all keys/swipes/remotes
  • Excess cleaning
  • Excess rubbish removal
  • Loss or damage to property
  • Leaving the lock box open